Touch music again

February 11, 2011 § 8 Comments

Do you miss the feeling of going to the shelf, browsing through your LPs or CDs, taking a few out, choosing one, opening it, glancing at the sleeve, then taking the actual disk, putting it in your Hi-Fi and then pressing play? That feeling of touching music? Do you miss the physicality of music?

Now everything is digital, or rather virtual, stored in files and folders and the only physicality is that of the touch screen of an iPod touch. The good people at I miss my pencil missed the tactility of music and felt so nostalgic about mixtapes that they created C60 Redux. It is an innovative prototype of a media player: a vinyl table where you place cards and it recognizes them as songs, thus playing the corresponding music file. You can even create playlists by moving the cards around.

P.S. This just re-opens the debate of digital vs analog music. Here at it’s a small web we are divided. While I embrace digital music and haven’t bought a physical cd in years, elina is still buying vinyl records from record stores. Go figure.

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