The thread of hypertextuality

February 14, 2011 § 8 Comments

Hypertext has changed the way we consume information. Long gone is the linearity of printed narratives; we, web addicts, enjoy the content-hopping experience of following links ad infinitum.

It has been a paradigm shift. It has been central to postmodern literary theory. And now it finds its way back to the printed book.Traumgedanken, the hypertextual book

Traumgedanken (Thoughts on dreams) is a book by information designer Maria Fischer. It is an anthology of literary, psychological, philosophical and scientific essays on dreams. But each topic, or content node, is connected to other instances of itself in the book by a colorful thread. By following the various threads you practically navigate the book in a hypertextual way, creating your own narratives.

traumgedanken, the hypertextual book

I need to hold it in my hands, but it does look like a successful analog implementation of a digital concept. And, what’s more, it is really beautiful. I am impressed.

Traumgedanken, the hypertextual book

Traumgedanken, the hypertextual book


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