Hours as colors

February 16, 2011 § 4 Comments

This is one of the coolest ideas ever: The colour clock is an online clock and a downloadable screen saver (for Mac users only) that represents time as a hexadecimal color.

The colour clock: 20:08:06

Let me explain. Do you know your RGBs?

Standing for Red Green Blue, RGB is the color model that combines these three colors to create all the rest. In the web, all colors are represented in hexadecimal RGB codes, ie sets of three numbers (value of red, value of green, value of blue). What else is represented as a set of three numbers? Time (value of hours, value of minutes, value of seconds). What if we combined the two codes? Quite obvious now that I mention it, but quite ingenious for the person who thought of it first. Respect.

The Colour Clock: 18:56:02The colour clock: 19:10:33The colour clock: 19:48:53

This clock is magnificent both conceptually and aesthetically. Perfection.

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