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Don’t tell me that you have never reach the point when the only thing you could say was WTF? Argentina based design studio Minga created these minimalist posters for those moments in life.

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The medium is the message

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Or in this case, the message is the branding. Another confirmation of the fact that the best ideas are the simplest. Case in point: a milk carton that wears its nutritional facts as its branding. Aka, infographic packaging.

Visual NutritionalVisual Nutritional

By information designer Audree Lapierre for ffctn.

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Videogaming hurts

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And I am not talking about good-old wii injuries. I am talking about chronic, painful, disfiguring afflictions. I am talking about Game Arthritis. About a hidden epidemic that the gaming industry wants to keep secret.

game arthritis hyperthrophy

Created by Italian artist Matteo Bittanti and mischievous art collective IOCOSE, Game Arthritis is an online art installation, a powerful commentary on the demonization of video gaming.

game arthritis visual

I really don’t know what I like the most about this project: the concept in itself (genius), the photos (clinically delicious) or the accompanying text (hilarious).  Read for yourself: “The conformity of interfaces produces deformity. It’s a fact. Call it “the reality of the virtual”. Prolonged vicarious aggression lead to permanent physical disfiguration. […] The authorities have dismissed this hidden epidemic as “mass hysteria”. But according to some scientists – who speak under condition of anonymity fearing ostracization – these undiagnosed disorders are the psychopathology of ludic societies”

game arthritis skinning

via Holy Kaw 

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Midcentury furniture growing old

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midcentury furniture growing old

by Fueled by coffee via core77

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Song of the week

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RIP Gil Scott-Heron

Escher in LEGOland

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You know that, in this blog, we love LEGOs and you also know that we love the paradox in E.M .Escher’s constructions. We have already seen Escher’s Waterfall come to life, but we haven’t seen Escher’s creations constructed and populated by LEGOs. 

Escher in Lego by Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu.

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The desktop wallpaper project

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The fantastic the fox is black design blog plays host to a great little project: the desktop wallpaper project.


They invite illustrators, graphic designers and artists to create unique desktop wallpapers.


Each wallpaper is available for various screen resolutions, including, of course, iPhone, iPad and PSP screens.


Love it!


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