Lovers asleep

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How do lovers sleep?

sleep of the beloved 4

In a project called The Sleep of the Beloved, photographer Paul Schneggenburger captures a couple’s most intimate moment: their sleep. Using long-exposure photography he creates these ethereal, haunting, black & white images, where faces and limbs are combined in a single aura.

sleep of the beloved 2

The beloved are photographed inside Paul’s studio, from midnight to six in the morning, in black sheets, under candle-light. The project is ongoing and you can take part by contacting the photographer.

sleep of the beloved 6

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City wave sound

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Each city is a story of itself. It has its own character, scent and sound. In this fantastic graphic film by Grey Digital, some of the most iconic buildings of large cities in the world relate to each other, revealing a building skyline simulating waves sound.

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Lou Reed drinking coke and other Andy Warhol screen tests

May 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Cool people are always at ease.

Black and white, beautifully lighted, these Andy Warhol screen tests manage to capture the essence of that place and time, those people, that revolutionary art movement.

Lou Reed drinks coke:

Nico reads a magazine:

Music by  Dean and Britta.

See more screen tests (including Dennis Hopper and Edie Sedgewick at open culture.

What the mind can think

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Beautiful imagery. Indonesian native Djajakarta depicts what the mind can think and the eye can’t see.

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Etsy finds: animal kingdom

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It’s a jungle out there…

etsy finds animal kingdom

Etsy finds animal kingdom treasury list:

  1. What are you afraid of – Sculpture by alfalfalovesme
  2. the strange planet by thegoodmachinery
  3. Fred- Large Moose Trophy- White by CardboardSafari
  4. Mook with Aardvark Mask by ilovegreyskies
  5. Elebee (Elephant Bee)– Contemporary Folk Art Ornament– MADE TO ORDER by cartbeforethehorse
  6. Handmade Fabric Jewel Beetle Soft Sculpture – Coleoptera Made to Order by BlueTerracotta
  7. Smoking chicken… by OhMafelt
  8. Piergiorgio the whale – Handmade in Italy by contemori
  9. Orwell Clutch – Penny Copper Piggy Purse by tsurubride
  10. Retro rhinestone sparrow hat by janinebasil
  11. Rusty Foks by celapiu
  12. House Fly Pin by annarubyking
  13. The Lovely Kitten Tee – Made to order by ThePetiteChouette
  14. Heather Grey L/S Sweatshirt – Golden Owl by sealmaiden
  15. Animal Farm (series of 3) by MissCrowland
  16. Octopus silk screened cotton canvas throw pillow 18 inch black by utilitarianfranchise

Shiro to Kuro means Black and White

March 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

With tumblr-like, curator websites being the fad in the internet at the moment, you see a lot of content and concept recycling out there. But once in a while you come across something either truly original, or truly beautiful. Shirotokuro lies in the latter category. In its own words it is “a curated gallery of exquisite design, illustration and photography distilled to it’s purest monochromatic elements of black and white”. It sure is.

shirotokuro homepage

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London diorama

March 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

File this under: incredibly amazing.

Sohei Nishino is a very persistent photographer, to say the least. He roamed the streets of London by foot, took 4000 photographs printed them in his dark room and created this collage by hand (with a little help of the old scissors and glue). The end result looks like an aerial view of London, faithful to its topography, although it is made up from street view snapshots.

Sohei Nishino London diorama

And I repeat: incredibly amazing.

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