Architects play with LEGO

April 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve always imagined architects playing with LEGOs as little kids. It turns out, they still do it as grown-ups (or at least Architecture students).krads lego playtime workshop 1

PLAYTIME WORKSHOP by KRADS (a Icelandic/Danish architectural ensemble) asks of Architecture students to create LEGO structures based on themes like Volume Studies or Utopias (how architectural of them).

krads lego playtime workshop 2They have also been part of a museum exhibition in the reykjavík art museum during designmarch 2011, where the architectural structures where used as a starting point for visitors to interact and built upon.krads lego playtime workshop 3

The concept behind the choice of LEGO is the freedom in form and shape that results from not having too many choices: using one material (the LEGO brick) in one color. Liberated from variety in the medium, the shapes become innovative and dynamic.krads lego playtime workshop 4

I have to admit that I usually find conceptual projects by architects to be pretentious, but this inspired me. Perhaps due to the fact that LEGO was my favorite childhood game. But it has given me motive to go back to it with a new perspective. Now I just need the 65 kg of LEGO bricks that were used in the exhibition. Any donations?

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