Cinemagraphs: the art of the animated gif

April 21, 2011 § 4 Comments

Remember the early days of the web, before Flash and JavaScript, when the animated gif was the only thing that could move in a webpage (and more often than not to a displeasing effect)? Those days are long gone, and the gif has been de-throned and for good reason: most of them were not only crude, but utterly ugly as well, by definition bordering on the kitsch side. But the gifs you are about to see are a completely different gif

Fashion (and not only) photographer Jamie Beck creates these amazing animated gifs with the help of web designer Kevin Burg. cab window gif

These gifs walk the fine line between photography and video, belonging to neither. They are studies on a scene. You might even miss the motion completely if you are not careful enough. But, even if minimal, this motion is heavy with emotion and fluent with meaning.

subway newspaper gif

The artistic duo calls their animated gif cinemagraphs and explain: “There’s something magical* about a still photograph — a captured moment in time — that can simultaneously exist outside the fraction of a second the shutter captures.”

oh joy gif

You can find all of Jamie’s animated gifs in her tumblr: from me to you. Not only that,  but you can also find all of her fashion photography (New York Fashion Week, anyone?), her own styling and street fashion photography (I love her vintage style; it is actually her on the portrait above),  her food blogging, her series on NYC and other cities and A LOT more.

*[Speaking of magic, this minimal flickering inside the photograph is exactly how I always imagined the Daily Prophet.]

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Liberty trainers, oh my!

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is love at first sight. Fabric legend The Liberty of London have collaborated with Nike (again) for this amazing series of Art Nouveau trainers in their classic designs.Liberty of London Nike trainers

Available from April 1 at Liberty’s. You’ve been warned.

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Etsy finds: geometries

March 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Geometry is an endless source of inspiration from Ancient Greece, to tribal design to futuristic shapes. You simply cannot go wrong with geometrical shapes.

etsy finds geometriesGeometries etsy treasury list:

Straight lines

March 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

Paintings that have a magazine-like glossy look? Why not?

UK based artist Alessandro Botto is a self-taught painter, whose work explores ‘movement through the analysis of balance, velocity and the hierarchy of elements within a composition’.

It’s not fashion, it’s definitively art.

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Etsy finds: origami fashion

February 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

If there is a place for origami in MIT and in space, then there is definitely place for it in fashion:

Etsy finds: origami fashion

Origami fashion: folds, ripples, pleats, drapes etsy treasury list:

  1. Honeycomb MADE TO ORDER by emilyryan
  2. Grey Origami Fabric Necklace by chomelchomel
  3. Rippled by MQuin
  4. Origami Charcoal Top by LaBronz
  5. Origami kurukuru necklace B/W by Homako
  6. check print. kimono dolly. soft pleats top. by annyschoo
  7. Medium Eggplant Leather Petals by HakNik
  8. Pleated Batwing Tunic by emilyryan
  9. cropped double t-shirt dress by takeoffyourclothes
  10. CUORE Wave Statement Neckpiece – Cowl – Snood – Scarf in Pebble Grey by giia
  11. Origami Curve Tunic Black color by isabelamyo
  12. Red Recycled Origami Clutch by Relogyyy
  13. starburst clutch – metallic by yorktownroad
  14. Ruffle Dress by lizarietz
  15. Ninfea in black. Vegan bag by ninu
  16. Folded Top for Fall black white grey by outofline

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