Are you part of the 1 percent?

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

What are the odds that you are part of the 1 percent ? Martin Venezky answers the question with this amazing Op-Art piece for the New York Times Opinion Page on the 1-percenters of the US population.

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Carry-on packing

April 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

Packing effectively is one of my obsessions. Never travel with anything more than a carry-on (AKA hand luggage) is a second, complimentary obsession. In fact, this is the third documented area of tension between me and and fellow it’s a small web blogger elina (see the first here and the second here). We met when we both worked as consultants in the same agency and we often had to go to business trips abroad. Well, it turned out, much to my frustration, that Elina is a sworn enemy of the carry-on and a religious devotee to the luggage carousel at airports. So this post reopens this eternal debate: is it possible to pack all you need and pack it nicely in a carry-on?

In this New York Times article, pilots and flight attendants share their tips for more effective packing. I will spare you the obvious (pack wisely, coordinate outfits, avoid unnecessarily heavy items) and go streight to the essence of it:

Roll-up clothes instead of folding them to spare them from wrinkles. Pack the heavier stuff first and on top of it the lighter stuff. Of course, keep your toiletries on top, because you will need to remove them easily at check-in. And I will give you a tip of my own: I always pack my socks and tights inside my shoes. It’s a great space saver, plus my shoes always keep their shape this way!

roll-up clothes, don't fold thempack the lighter stuff on top of the heavier stuff

You will be surprised by the amount of space this saves.  The photos below show the same stuff, on the left packed as described and on the right by the traditional way of folding.

keep toiletries at handby way of folding

Impressive, huh?

All photos courtesy of the New York Times

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A chance to beat the machine: Rock Paper Scissors

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do you want to avenge the human species for recent losses against computer opponents? Try your hand at rock paper scissors against an artificial intelligence program at the New York Times website. Be careful, it learns! But if you want a little push, here’s the workflow of how to win at Rock Paper Scissors everytime.

man vs the machine rock paper scissors

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Flight diaries

February 8, 2011 § 5 Comments

You’ve all been there. Killing time on a long flight. Christoph Niemann of the New York Times documented it on these witty illustrations.


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January 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

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