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Well this thought experiment is very close to my heart.

Do you believe that Artificial Intelligence is possible? I mean not now, but theoretically in the future? Do you think that we can build a machine so intelligent that it can be considered to think as a human? I do. But John Searle does not. And here is why – and it’s only 60 sec long:

from the Open University


The unexamined life is not worth living

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Quotes by some of the most influential philosophers, illustrated by Max Temkin:

Wittgenstein: at the core of all well-founded belief lies belief that is unfounded

Socrates: as for me all I know is that I know nothing


via so bad so good

Inspiring words

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A man’s wisdom in just one sentence. Clearly spoken and beautifully designed by Max Temkin, who in his project entitled Maxistentialism creates a set of Philosophy posters inspired by some of the most influential philosophers.

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Strictly for philotypes

August 31, 2011 § 1 Comment

All these -isms that gave meaning to complex philosophical concepts and formed our common  understanding: relativism, absolutism, hedonism, humanism, passivism, realism, authoritarianism, solipsism, reductionism, determinism, deism and so many others, but we never quite managed to remember them all.

Designer Genis Carreras helps us understand and visualise all these philosophical ideologies through his series of  minimalistic posters, entitled Philographics, with just the use of simple geometric shapes.

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Thus sung Zarathustra

April 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

We know what Zarathustra has said, but what did he sing?  So hear the ten following songs which allude to Friedrich Nietzsche:

  1. “So God is dead, like Nietzsche said/Only 16 years of age he said” 1985, Manic Street Preachers
  2. “He did ten years in Attica, reading Nietzsche and Wilhelm Reich/They threw him in a hole one time for tryin’ to stop a strike”, Joey, Bob Dylan
  3. “I want a god that stays dead, not plays dead/ I, even I, can play dead” Nietzsche, The Dandy Warhols
  4. “Oh mother of pearl/Lustrous lady of a sacred world/Thus even Zarathustra/Another-time-loser/ Could believe in you” Mother of Pearl, Roxy Music
  5. “The insects point toward with numbers on their collars/ I ‘m dancing with a sandwich that cost 11 dollars/ That’s Nietzsche’s way of telling you/ That’s Nietzsche’s way of setting you down” Nietzsche’s Way, Robyn Hitchcock
  6. “Written in pain, written in awe/ By a puzzled man who questioned what we were here for” Oh You Pretty Things, David Bowie
  7. “In 2001 a Life Code/ It pays to talk to no one/ Proliferating across the earth/ Also Sprach Zarathustra/ Faction Europa/ Free Range!” Free Range, The Fall
  8. “I wasn’t honest, I tried to philosophise/ Only too late did I see that I wore Nietzche’s eyes” Nietzsche’s eyes, Paula Cole
  9. “Your god is dead an no one cares/ If there is a hell I ‘ll see you there” Heresy, Nine Ich Nails
  10. “There’s nothin’ Nietzsche couldn’t teach ya ’bout the raising of the wrist/ Socrates himself was permanently pissed” Bruce Philosophers Song, Monty Python

Taken from the UNCUT Book of Revelations 2

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Make up your mind about your mind

March 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

Everybody has one. A conscious mind I mean. And with it comes the self-referential ability of theorizing about it. Philosophers of Mind, Cognitive Scientists, Neuroscientist and Religious Scholars have all put out theories on what consciousness is (especially in the last 20 years it has become a hot topic of study,and, believe it or not, zombies have central role).

So, where do I stand on the consciousness debate? That’s what Information is Beautiful told me:Identity Theorizing Emergent Dualistic Higher Order Theorist

What is Consciousness? Make up your mind is a short and sweet web app that gives you an overview of the main theories of Consciousness, lets you choose what you find more plausible and in the end hits you with an almost post-modern description of your theory.What is consciousness

P.S. I actually am not a Identity Theorizing Emergent Dualistic Higher Order Theorist.

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Blogs, stamps, philosophers, libraries, Google Earth and what’s-his-name:

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  • This music video by Lux Repeat, directed by Bartholomäus Traubeck, is made entirely by Google Earth images – fastcodesign

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