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April 2, 2011 § 4 Comments

Sometimes everybody is in on the secret, and somehow you are left out. That’s the case with me and wordle. So, if there’s anyone else in this world who hasn’t heard about wordle yet (which I doubt), this is what it does: it is a web app that creates beautiful word clouds from any text or URL you submit. It allows you to change fonts, colors and layout. It basically allows you to create stunning infographs based on word occurance to use in an essay, presentation or website and blog post. Try wordle-ing articles, novels, song lyrics, letters, ads or whatever else comes to mind.

It is very addictive; I’ve just spent the last half an hour wordle-ing the lyrics of some of my old favorites. Can you guess what they are? (Highlight the text to view the artists and songs)

This Mess We're In

Highlight: PJ Harvey “The Mess We’re In”

MapsUnder The Bridge

Highlight: Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Maps”,  Red Hot Chilli Peppers “Under The Bridge”

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Are you up for a qwiki?

January 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

There much discussion around the web today about the launch of qwiki on Monday. Qwiki is a (over-hyped) new way of presenting information gathered from online sources. The user submits a keyword and qwiki quickly assembles a multimedia presentation on the topic, sourcing content from Wikipedia, fotopedia, youtube and Google search.


Amongst increasing criticism on the declining quality Google Search and of people yearning for new paradigms of how to experience information online, qwiki aims to find much more than a niche market. With the backing up of Facebook co-founder (of The Social Network fame) Eduardo Saverin, qwiki has strong supporters and passionate critics.

I am all for emphasizing human experience, and exploring new formats – actually this is a one-way street for the future of the world wide web. Wheareas qwiki creates this kind of unique experience, this particular qualia that is, that will make it irresistible to users, that remains to be seen. For the time being, I have to admit that the text-to-speech effect is more hilarious than alienating (especially when dealing with non-english words, like here)

One thing you can’t accuse qwiki of is self-reference, since the term “qwiki” shows no results!

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