Antikythera mechanism explained by LEGO

March 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

The Antikythera mechanism is impressive on its own means. If you don’t know or are too bored to check Wikipedia, the Antikythera mechanism is one of the most important archeological artifacts ever found, so mind-blowing that it could very well headline an Indiana Jones adventure.

Discovered in 1901 in the Antikythera ship wreck (in the first instance of underwater archeology) and dating back to Ancient Greece (150-100 BC), it is a very complex calculator for astronomical events, with impressive accuracy. In fact, it precedes any other known clockwork mechanism of similar complexity by more than a millennium! Figuring out what the mechanism does was no piece of cake either. It took almost 100 years and impressive technology.

And it simply takes 3 minutes and a reconstruction made of LEGOs to explain its logic, in this great video that won Best Nature Video, as voted by Nature Network readers.


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§ 3 Responses to Antikythera mechanism explained by LEGO

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