This is where post-its go to die

February 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

It is the fate of the post-it note to be dismissed very soon after it is written – whether, a reminder, a scribbled map, a love note, a cheat-sheet, a name, an address, or whatever else, its nature is by definition ephemeral. But there’s somebody collecting these used-up post-its.



Anthroposts gathers any found post-its and organizes them by color, complexity and the use of common words. With a haunting soundtrack of all their trivialities read out loud.


There is a chilling effect to this memorial to the ephemeral.


This is not a food blog but…

February 7, 2011 § 4 Comments

I made oreo cupcakes today and I need to share it.

oreo cupcakes bite

Food blogs have taken the world by storm and, as with craft blogs, everybody and their mother has one. So we are not eager to join the trend. We do enjoy reading them, though, and when I found this recipe at annie’s eats, I couldn’t help myself.

And then I got this urge to blog about it. I finally get why people do it. They fight the ephemeral. Cooking, sewing, crafting are all about making something that will be used and then, sooner or later, consumed. It is not art. It is still somebody’s creation though, and that somebody will fight will all their force to immortalise it. That’s why people blog.

As for me, it’s an one-off thing, I promise. Unless I get addicted to food porn blogging, that is.

See more pictures after the jump.

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What do you appreciate the most?

February 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Perhaps it’s time to start appreciating the small pleasures of life or, shall I say, the ephemeral: the first snow in winter, drinking coffee early in the morning, rubber boots and a rainy day. And writing them down. AppreciateIt is an online project, created by Faust, an visual communication firm, where you can read hundred “notes of appreciation” and submit your own. And if you need inspiration, check these thank you notes.

“Dear boarding passes, thanks for making such fine book marks…

February 3, 2011 § 4 Comments

I love finding you between the pages, years later, when I pull something off the self. Much love, Leah”

dear boarding passes

Leah Dieterich’s mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything. Everyday.  Little thank you notes on post it notes, that she posts on her blog: thxthxthx.

Celebrating everyday trivialities, these thank you notes scratch the surface of our realities and reveal a microcosmos of emotions and nuances.

See more brilliant thank you notes after the jump

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January wrap up

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

January has been a month of obsessions.

Obsession number 1: the ephemeral. Unlikely collections, elaborate bento boxes, etsy treasury lists inspired by chalk writings on a blackboard and Polaroid snapshots. We just love the beauty in everyday things that shines for an instance and then quickly vanishes.

Obsession number 2: colors. We’ve spent hours aimlessly searching for flickr images by color. We ‘ve noticed the large gap between how men and women describe colors. We’ve tried to sense colors in their complete absence. And we heard colors synesthetically in the music of John Coltrane.

Obsession number 3: maps. We’ve roamed the streets of New York through Hip-Hop lyrics. We’ve revisited our childhood homes. We’ve compared our countries to the rest of the world. And we finished things off by completely deconstructing the map.

The ephemeral beauty of bento

January 31, 2011 § 6 Comments

The bento is no ordinary lunch box. It is a culinary universe, contained in a lunch box. I admit to having a soft spot for Japanese food and Japanese aesthetics, so it’s no wonder bentos fascinate me. Not just because they are beautiful. Because there is a whole different approach to food behind them.

  • Bentos elevate the idea of a lunch box. Not the rushed junk lunch one usually has at work, but the kind you take time to prepare for yourself or loved ones.
  • Bentos celebrate the ephemeral beauty of things. The beauty you glance at for a few seconds after opening the bento box and before devouring your lunch. So zen.
  • Bentos are all for portion control (bento boxes are notoriously small) and healthy food choices (traditionally rice, fish, vegetables and fruits are the prefered bento choices)

Bentos range from minimal to elegant…

bento thumbnailbento thumbnail

…and from kawai (cute) to completely outrageous (and some times kitch)

bento thumbnailbento thumbnail

See a gallery of the best bento boxes we found on Flickr after the jump

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Etsy finds: snap it in an instance

January 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Our obsession with the ephemeral is going strong. And nothing captures the trivial and the ephemeral better than an instant snapshot from a Polaroid camera.

etsy treasury list: snap it in an instance

Snap it in an instance etsy treasury list:

  1. Polaroid Camera vintage style brass cuff bracelet by uniqueartpendants
  2. Polaroid Coaster – Pink Monsta by justnoey
  3. remember this album by OneFineDae
  4. Aqua Polaroid Plush Camera by onelatenight
  5. Polaroid Wood Brooch by craftyfolk
  6. We Belong – Polaroid Love Card by lilyjanestationery
  7. Polaroid SX-70 ring (Pick Your Color) by cbtscloset
  8. Snapshot Necklace – Small by amybsjewelry
  9. Snapshot Earrings by amybsjewelry
  10. Polaroid postcard by GrandmaAndTheGnome
  11. embroidered polaroid pocket journal by nowvember
  12. Polaroid Camera Brooch by pannikin
  13. Polaroid – iPhone 4 Decor Decal Skin Sticker by decalsworldofapple
  14. Giant Coaster Table & Wall Art . Polaroid Camera by blueorder
  15. polaroid camera stud earrings by wishbowl
  16. Once Upon A Polaroid Brooch by TillyBloom

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