Etsy finds: Uloni’s crochet sculptures

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I’ve been following this Etsy shop since my first days in Etsy. And I am always amazed by Uloni‘s creativity. She takes a most traditional, if not boring, medium (crochet) and completely reinvents it.

Crochet necklace - Lavender cocoonCrochet sculpture - White magmaCrochet brooch - Cosy crumble

The forms she creates are organic, fluid and sometimes almost alive. And always unique. In fact, they are never replicated and once they leave the shop you can never find them again. thankfully, here is some of her best past work, from her flickr account:

Uloni's crochet scultures in a vatUloni crochet necklaceUloni's crochet bracelet

Truly one of a kind.


Etsy finds: retrowhale’s indie portraits (and more)

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Who’s your favorite writer? Your favorite movie director? Your favorite band? Animal? Chances are that retrowhale has already created a quirky drawing of them in a wood panel. The discovery that lead me to this shop was this portrait series of writers: Hunter S Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Silvia Plath and Jack Kerouac. Amazing, huh?

american writers

Or you can go all nouvelle vague and get a set of french directors:

french directors

And if this sounds a tad pretentious to you, there is lots of pop culture to choose from, too. For example this series of (mainly John Hughes) 80’s teen movies:

John Hughes movies

Or choose your favorite music band out of these almost infographic illustrations:

music bands

The rest you have to discover by yourselves!

Etsy finds: Claudia Varosio’s movie posters

April 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

This shop is a true find for the cinephiles. Claudia Varosio creates custom posters for some of cinema’s most iconic movies.

reservoir dogs

Minimal, wonderfully designed and coloured, these posters vary from the conceptual to the whimsical.



Also of note are Claudia’s series of cut-out paper dolls: the dude, Margot Tenenbaum, David Bowie and other surprising personalities.

the dude

Etsy finds: animal kingdom

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It’s a jungle out there…

etsy finds animal kingdom

Etsy finds animal kingdom treasury list:

  1. What are you afraid of – Sculpture by alfalfalovesme
  2. the strange planet by thegoodmachinery
  3. Fred- Large Moose Trophy- White by CardboardSafari
  4. Mook with Aardvark Mask by ilovegreyskies
  5. Elebee (Elephant Bee)– Contemporary Folk Art Ornament– MADE TO ORDER by cartbeforethehorse
  6. Handmade Fabric Jewel Beetle Soft Sculpture – Coleoptera Made to Order by BlueTerracotta
  7. Smoking chicken… by OhMafelt
  8. Piergiorgio the whale – Handmade in Italy by contemori
  9. Orwell Clutch – Penny Copper Piggy Purse by tsurubride
  10. Retro rhinestone sparrow hat by janinebasil
  11. Rusty Foks by celapiu
  12. House Fly Pin by annarubyking
  13. The Lovely Kitten Tee – Made to order by ThePetiteChouette
  14. Heather Grey L/S Sweatshirt – Golden Owl by sealmaiden
  15. Animal Farm (series of 3) by MissCrowland
  16. Octopus silk screened cotton canvas throw pillow 18 inch black by utilitarianfranchise

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The Beatles, Social Media and more Japan aid:

  • For mixtape nostalgics: Stereolizer is the app that turns your iPad into an 80’s cassette player – wired
  • Etsy users find themselves exposed to world as a result of the new privacy policy – boingboing
  • Taking a stand on the McCartney – Lennon feud – Though Catalog
  • In other Beatles news Apple files to trademark the old Beatles Apple Logo – patently apple
  • Fear of missing out in the social media – via swissmiss
  • Isn’t that a surprise: poor countries have more digital piracy – boingboing
  • Happy people stick together in Twitter (so do the miserable also) – mashable
  • The history of web browser (infograph) – bit rebels
  • More designers come to the aid of Japan – this is colosal & imprint

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Etsy finds: geometries

March 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Geometry is an endless source of inspiration from Ancient Greece, to tribal design to futuristic shapes. You simply cannot go wrong with geometrical shapes.

etsy finds geometriesGeometries etsy treasury list:

Etsy finds: helvetica

February 25, 2011 § 3 Comments

If you’ve ever met a designer you’ll know that they only worship one thing: helvetica,the sans-serif typeface that made history. It is of no surprise then that all those crafters at Etsy have created beautiful objects with it.

Etsy finds: helvetica

I ❤ helvetica etsy treasury list:

  1. ASCII Heart Necklace by bekathwia
  2. helvetica typography acrylic necklace (red) by plastique
  3. Large Wood letter D by Hindsvik
  4. Uppercase Scarf by TheLittleFactory
  5. perpetual necklace – 8am by ofmatter
  6. END WAR html by punkpatriot
  7. Hellvetica Moleskine – Lined, Screenprinted by VictoriaGabrielle
  8. Urban Throw Pillow – Style no17 – NYC – Pillow Cover Only by NestaHome
  9. Helvetica for Typography Nerds – Choose your letter and color by Cupcakes and Mace
  10. Doodle jewelry / Connect the numbers necklace in silver by tickette
  11. Type Nerd 4-Color Process Card Pack of 6 by ShedLetterpress
  12. You and Me – Ampersand pendant by melaniefavreau
  13. Spell It Out for Me Clock by chromalab
  14. Ctrl Alt Del – Black and White Typography Word Art – 8×10 by colorbee
  15. TYPO-BAG: Helvetica by caratterino
  16. Helvetica Hello Kraft/Ice Blue Note Cards by madebygood

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